30 aprile, 2008

WeekEnd in Tuscany

Last weekend me and my wife Laura goes to Tuscany to meet our friends Massimo, Veronica and little Matteo. Sunday we have a good time .... .

Do you know "Fiorentina Steak" ? ....... No need other words to explain !

Have a nice day!

25 aprile, 2008

Back to the Future... no XP !

I'm sorry, I didn't .
I've just finished to downgrade my notebook to XP from Vista. I've installed Vista 10 month later on Dual Core Duo Notebook with 2Gb RAM and Nvidia Quadro NVS and after a boring search of driver and program i have a good function machine.
1 week later I've installed Vista Sp1 and I haven't seen the expected benefits and the UAC control speed down opening program process.
So, I'm a coder guy, I'm not interested in grafic window movement or enhanced side-bar and finally I've decide to reinstall XP.
Ok Ok, after reinstall everything run so faster than a road runner but ..... next month let you know how it goes :-)

Good Night.

18 aprile, 2008

First Post

Hi EveryBody ! Yes, yes, yes my first post.

Sorry for my English but, I think that my Italian is not so better .....
(and my Italian teacher think also ... )

So, my name is Cirelli Alessandro I live in Ospitaletto, a little town near Brescia in Italy. My passion and my job is Information Technology: Software, Hardware, Internet .. and so on.
In a spare time, I'm a guitar player ... Hard Rock Guitar Player. I've four guitar ( Epy Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, Ibanez S and Ibanez GB ) and a Marshall JCM 30' Anniversary with a Emazing Blue Tolex and powefull 4 cone speaker.
I don't now what this blog will speak, maybe web, maybe programming language, maybe music, maybe technology ......... I hope that doesn't bore you.

It's all .... Good Night.