24 settembre, 2012

Roundcube sms plugin

Ciao a tutti, torno a scrivere sul blog dopo un pò di tempo... ed in italiano (se qualcuno pensava che scrivessi male in inglese... beh dovrà ricredersi perchè faccio anche peggio in lingua madre :-) ).
Dunque, scrivo questo post per segnalarvi un nuovo progettino opensource che ho sviluppato per la piattaforma di web-mail roundcube. Si tratta di un plugin per l'invio di sms attraverso il provider di smshosting.it. E' ampliamente configurabile e permette ai sysadmin di configurare un servizio sms specifico per ogni utente e per ogni dominio. E' scaricabile a questa pagina http://sourceforge.net/projects/roundcube-sms-h/ , si installa come un normale plugin di roundcube ed all'interno trovate il classico file INSTALL.TXT.

Ciao a tutti,

07 ottobre, 2011

Enable quota check in roundcube on directadmin installarion

Hi I'm new in the forum and this is my first post ...
I've try your solution but the maildir file is not updated and the quota occupation still 0%.
I've read the exim documentation ad I find in this page
this parameter : maildir_use_size_file;
I've insert in the virtual_localdirectory section with value: true.
I've insert the previous configuration in /etc/dovecot.conf to enable quota plugin.

I've restarted exim and dovecot, I sent an email to an user and the file maildirsize was created and in the roundcube the quota level in correctly displayed.

I've make some test to check that's the email system work correcly.

Check original post here:

30 giugno, 2011

Me on GMaps

10 month ago, Google Car drove in Ospitaletto Brescia, and ..... I was there ( in my C-max :-) )

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23 dicembre, 2008

How to disable disk burning utility on Vista.

If you dislike the native Windows Vista disk burning utility or if you have a problem with automatic disk format popup when insert a disk in a drive (like me),
there is a method to disabile this functionality.
Open Regedit
goto : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
Create new DWord with the name : NoCDBurning with value 1.
Restart system.

15 novembre, 2008

Asterisk - SPA3102

Hi everybody, I've worked on Asterisk these weeks and I've a great experience abount configuration of LinkSys SPA3102 and Asterisk.
My necessity was to have a Asterisk Server connect to PSTN line throught SPA3102.
I'm not an expert in VOIP but on internet I've found many and many help request and many and many configuration response. So, scan log file, read Asterisk documentation and many forums post I've found my solution.

This is the minimal configuration to achieve :

Ip configuration :
IP SPA3102 :

Asterisk (FreePbx) configuration:
Create a new Sip Extension on Asterisk Free PBX for the line1 on SPA3102.
Extension : 298 , secret 298 (Leave other parameters as default)

Create a new Sip Extension on Asterisk Free PBX for the pstn line on SPA3102.
Extension : 299 , secret 299 (Leave other parameters as default)

Create a new Custom Trunk to forward calls on the extension 299 ( PSTN line)
- Trunk name : PstnTrunk
- Outbound Caller ID : PSTN number
- Maximum Channels : 1
- Custom Dial String : SIP/299/$OUTNUM$

Create a new Outbound route to forward calls to the Custom Trunk
Dial Pattern : 0. e 3. ( in italy , local end cellular phone number )
Trunk sequence : PstnTrunk

Spa3102 configuration:
Setting static Lan ip adress to

- Proxy : ( ip trixbox)
- Display Name : 298
- User ID : 298
- Password : 298
- Make Call Without Reg : yes
- Ans Call Without Reg : yes

PSTN line
- Proxy :
- Display : 299
- User Id : 299
- Password : 299
- Disconnect Tone : 425@-12,425@-12;1(.2/.2/1+2) ( for Italy )

- Cfwd All Dest: 201@ ( where 201 is a FreePbx extension to responde pstn calls )

It's all, enjoy Astersik and customize other configurations as you like.

14 ottobre, 2008

Visual Studio 2008 Setting

Hy Guys, in these days i've found a very nice VS settings that's change the editor as Vibrant Ink Textmate color settings.
I've found colours on internet and I change the dimension and font type for my business.

Application : C#, ASP.NET pages, XAML, XML
File : VibrantInk_Ciro.zip